Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's all about the table.

This is my all time favorite piece in the kitchen. It's probably the base to an old Hoosier. We use it as a work station. 

        In our old house, we usually ate at the counter. Our new house didn't have a counter. See table above.    We found this vintage table and chairs at a local antique store. This is where we eat when we're not outside or in front of the tv.

    Isn't this drawer something? I guess we could hide food in it. 

     It also has pullout leaves, but they sort of slope towards your lap and might not be very useful.

    While this tile hood and backsplash would never have been something I would choose, the colors have grown on me. It gives some interest to what would otherwise be a very boring, bland kitchen.

     Modern Country Style is having a link party about favourites in the kitchen. Check it out.


    Jen said...

    Love your blog title!

    Denice said...

    Love the table and especially the drawer!

    Becky said...

    Great table!! I'm a blue nut so I love the tile too!

    Ethnic Girl Fun said...

    That tile and your tables are beautiful!