Saturday, May 26, 2012

What a difference a day makes.

First, let me thank you for the kind, encouraging comments you left on my earlier post about the frustration I was feeling with my dad. The thoughtful words you shared really warmed my heart. I will reread them when I need a lift.

I also need to explain that my dad does thank me a lot for the things I do for them. He actually makes me feel bad when he does because, of course, I'm going to be there for them. It was just that particular day, when I had tried to do the things he asked me, and he seemed unappreciative.

I spent Wednesday with them, and we were able to get a lot done. First, I stopped at their doctor's office to leave yummy cupcakes to bribe thank them for being so nice when I call them repeatedly. (I wish I had taken a picture. Just imagine icing as tall as the cake part and you'll have a good mental image.) Next up was Walmart to pick up the prescription that had eluded my dad. Guess what? The pharmacist said there was a problem, but he would check on it for me. (It had been sent to the Walmart in Florida! That was the big problem. But it's all fixed now.)

I went by the house to check ALL the prescriptions and found Mom was there with the housekeeper. So, I took her with me to meet Dad at McDonalds. They "belong" to one of those groups of senior citizens who meet every morning. I know you've seen them where you live. I think there is a group in every fast food place in America. Unfortunately, the friend Dad wanted the kangaroo for wasn't there that morning.

Dad left early for a test at the hospital, but Mom and I stayed from 10-12. (It's so hard for me to just sit, but it's how they spend their mornings.) Their friends are very nice people and treat Mom and Dad so well. Since Mom had a stroke, it's been hard to keep up with friends. Mom can't communicate (aphasia), making it difficult for them to do the things they were used to doing.

When we got home, we were surprised to find Dad waiting on us. The bone scan he was scheduled to have at 12:30 involved having "dye" injected into his arm, then going back to the hospital at 2:30. He teased us by saying he was radioactive and not to get too close.

After he left for the second part of the scan, this wonderful young lady arrived. Dad arranged for her to come to the house every month to give Mom a manicure and pedicure. (It's too difficult for Mom to climb in the pedicure chair.) This is just one example of how Dad looks after Mom and her needs.

Debbie (the wonderful young lady) was so surprised at how alert Mom was. Mom just kept laughing and (trying to) talk to her. Debbie even said Mom could lift her leg (that is paralyzed from her stroke) higher than she had ever seen her do.

This picture looks like Mom is sneezing, but she is really laughing at Debbie. She has such a great personality and carries on with Mom while she's there. She had just told Mom that now it was her turn to give Debbie a pedicure.

(I see two possible blog posts in this picture: the cane I decorated for Mom and Dad's phone for the hearing impaired.)

I'm glad we had such a great day together.

I hope you have a wonderful day today with your loved ones.


my thrifty closet said...

that is such a sweet post, Patricia. Debbie looks like a really patient and darling lady. So nice to see your mom in good spirits too. Praying for your dad that his scan results would be favorable!


Diana Joy said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us. How wonderful Debbie comes each month;thanks dad. Hugs to you. Happy weekend.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So glad you could share some special time with your parents. Your Dad does seem very thoughtful and we all know what stress does to us! HANG IN THERE! Hugs, Linda

Melissa said...

Oh, yes, there is a regular group of coffee drinkers at our local McDonalds! And the "girls" (all Sr citizens) I go thrifting with meet most Fridays at the Short Stop for coffee. Seems it's a nation-wide phenomenon! :) That is SO sweet of your Dad to arrange a monthly mani-pedi for your Mom. It's obviously a wonderful time for her!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Grammy, what a sweet post. Love the pictures of your Mom having fun and how nice it was of your Dad to arrange the pedicure.

You are awesome!

Kathy M.

Controlling My Chaos said...

I'm curious if your parents read your blog. If not, I bet they would get a kick out of it. Your Dad is such a sweetheart for ordering a monthly manicure and pedicure for your mom. What a great pair.