Sunday, January 15, 2012

Have you got your Mojo?

I've heard people on tv talk about getting their mojo back so I thought that would make a catchy title for this post. I sure hope it doesn't mean something crude ~ I would be so embarrassed.

While I was in Florida getting my parents settled for the winter, I was lucky to be invited for dinner at my cousin's house. His wife is an excellent cook. Actually, they both are. I wish I had taken pictures of the food, but I didn't even take my camera to Florida.

My cousins are so good to Mom and Dad. My first cousin and his wife as well as their son (my first cousin once removed ~ It took me so long to understand how that worked, so now I love to use that information whenever I can slip it into a conversation.) and his family live very close to my parents (who live in The Villages). They check on them and invite them to dinner often. It's great to know there is family close by.

Anyway, it was a Cuban meal with squash (that looked like sweet potatoes to me), saffron rice with black beans, and this delicious pork roast. Ernie and Tina told me they injected the roast with a mojo marinade. Imagine my surprise when I saw this bottle of mojo at Big Lots. Now I just have to thaw the pork roast I have in the freezer to recreate that delicious taste. (I hope.)

Have you ever tried this?


Lesley said...

Pat....this is a MAINSTAY in my cooking!! I always have a bottle on hand. It is a great marinade. I put whatever (chicken, beef) into a zip lock with this stuff and marinate it. Then it goes on the grill. Super tasty. Sometimes, I bake the chicken. Depends on my mood.

Paula said...

This looks great! I've never seen it, but if I do, I'll try it. My aunt and uncle are in FL for the winter and I'll have to tell them to look for this in the grocery store.

Thisisme. said...

You're alright Grammy. It doesn't mean anything rude or crude!! Hee Hee! It will be interesting to see if you get the same result as you had with your relatives. I agree, it's good that family live nice and close to your mum and dad.

Ginger Zuck said...

I never even seen it. I'll have to be on the lookout.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I would love to hear if you like this marinade. Mojo always sounds like your getting your groove on...not in a bad way mind you!!

Kerin said...

Oh that does look like a tasty marinade...if the bottle label is any indication :)
Is it garlic and orange?

I've never seen this brand anywhere around here..but I will keep my eyes open for it.

Thanks for your sweet words, and I'm happy that everyone is ok too :)

Kelly57 said...

Sounds delish! I'd have bought one too - the pretty label gets my attention, citrus and onions, YUM-O.

Mongs said...

this marinade sounds really zesty must be really good!


mtashie said...

I've seen it, but never tried it!! I'm certainly in for trying new recipes....Big Lots here I come!