Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wisconsin Family Time

My hubby has two sons, and they both live in Wisconsin. Do you remember that we live in Virginia?
Yeah, not exactly neighbors, are we?
I know he misses them, but we just aren't able to see each other very often.
Fortunately, he got to spend some quality time with them this week.

Can you see any family resemblance? Can you figure out which son is the father of the lovely young granddaughter? How about can you figure out which son is about to become engaged to that stunning young lady? (Or at least I think they are.)

I'll wait while you look at the picture again.
(My stepson took it with his phone, emailed it to me, I emailed it to another account, then I downloaded it to my picture file, where I could then upload it to my blog! Now if you knew me very well, you'd be very impressed that I figured out how to do all that.)

Okay, Brian is the blonde-haired younger brother on the left.

Funny story about Brian. He lived with us for a year and was around my son for a few years. My dad couldn't get over how much the two of them are alike. They have the same mannerisms, etc. Brian said he was around during Jason's formative years. (One day I might do a post about the high school parties they had - when we weren't home.)

Tim is the dark-haired son standing beside his dad. I always thought he resembled his dad until I met their mom. Nope, he looks exactly like his mom.
He is also the one who is about to become engaged, I think.

Alexandra belongs to the darkhaired son. She starts middle school in the fall. Sigh.

Were you fooled? Or did you match them up correctly?

Oh, you want to know more about the soon-to-become engaged (I think) young woman?
Her name is Sheri. This was our first meeting, unless you count skyping 2 years ago when Tim and Alexandra were visiting us.
She was so kind to my mom and patient with my dad. I really liked her.

It was wonderful to be around them. I just wish they didn't live so far away.

(I will try to catch up on reading your blogs and replying to your comments while I'm doing laundry. hahahahahahaha)


Debby said...

Nice family. I had it all messed up. Glad you had fun visiting them.

Chatty Crone said...

Glad he was able to have a visit with his sons for Father's Day - sandie

Sharon said...

Personally I think,that the lovely young grand daughter, looks like the stunning young lady, that is soon to be engaged to the dark haired son (you think). A nice looking family you have there!

Paula said...

So glad that you were able to visit with your step-sons in WI. I can definitely see the family resemblance in your husband, his sons, and Alexandria.

Tim said...

The dark haired sure is a lucky man!