Monday, August 13, 2012

Wash Day Blues or Reds

 What do you think when you see my washing machine filled with red?

 Am I using it to hold punch?
Am I going to dye something?
Or did I have a major accident?

As Paul Harvey would say, here's the rest of the story. I started a load of clothes Friday night because I knew we were going to yard sales early Saturday morning. I wanted the laundry out of the way. At some point, I realized I hadn't heard the washer go through the spin cycle. I walked into the laundry room and found my clothes in that tub full of red water. Sitting. Just sitting. No spinning at all.

I quickly started pulling out the clothes and throwing them on top of the dirty towels. (Remember - they hadn't gone through the spin cycle and were full of water.)

Then I realized how red that water was in the washing machine. I ran water in the laundry sink and transferred the clothes. I let them soak overnight. Saturday ~ after the yard sales ~ I rinsed them, wrung them out, and hung them outside to dry.

Next up was a trip to Lowes to buy a new washing machine. This one was repaired once since we moved here 6 years ago. We figured it was about 12-15 years old.  The sales person at Lowes told us the average "life" is now 5-8 years for an appliance. Isn't that awful?
The good news is my new washer will be delivered tomorrow (Monday). They will hook it up and take away the old one ~ at no charge.

Last, I had to dip out the water in the machine. I started with this small pot before switching to a large McDonalds cup and then a smaller cup. Finally, I put a towel in the bottom to soak up the water that was left.
Laundry Poems for Children - Vintage Laundry Rhymes for Children

Why was the water red?
Well, at Goodwill, I bought a sweatshirt and a dress that were maroon.
I assumed they had been washed before.

What's the worst laundry mistake you've ever made?

***** The Lowes delivery truck was here at 8:00 and I now have a new washing machine. What great service. *****


LoLy said...

OUCH, that same thing happened to me, it sux, my favourite white dress turned pink LOL


Anonymous said...

My worst laundry mistake was not noticing an ink pen in my husband's dress shirt - it ruined many of our dress clothes :( But we survived that, what I want to talk about is the COLOR of your clothes - they're ALL maroon and orange. Is there any particular reason for that? ;) Heehee, go Hokies!!!

Angie said...

I bought Andy a brand new Polo brand shirt at the outlets at the beach - baby blue. I then played water balloons on the beach with the kids. I cleaned up the balloon clippings and stashed them in my pockets. I then did a load of laundry. The hot pink rubber balloons bled ALL over Andy's new shirt. I could not get it out AT ALL. I also once washed a yellow dusting rag (new, but yellow...) with my white pants, white shorts, and Andy's white Polo shirt. They were all tinged yellow in spite of RIT dye remover cycles, soaking in bleach, and repeated washes. I'm not a very good laundry - doer. Oops. Sorry about the washer. That's interesting 5-8 years. Makes me glad we left our 5 year old machines at the old house and went ahead and got new ones when we moved. Probably didn't have much value or life left after all.

Rachel said...

I know, isn't that pathetic that they only make appliances to last for 10 years max? And new ones are ridiculously expensive. :( BUT, being "forced" to get a new one can be kinda fun...I did a jig of joy when our ancient refrigerator finally went. ;)

Worst laundry mistake: early in marriage, not knowing that wool is not in the "easy care" category. I shrunk my husband's nice wool sweater down to a toddler-size sweater. Oh, the humanity!

Diana Joy said...

Hi hi; my worst laundry mistake is(was) to let my husband was anything that isn't white. ;-(

I've (knock on wood) haven't had any tragedies. My sis on the other hand was constantly calling! In her post birth days she dyed her baby boy's cloth diapers a pink by washing a baby red sweater with them. She was hysterical "I can't put pink diapers on my baby boy....". Best we could do was to dye them with black and they came out a purplish...glad it was only about 9 of them.

Well a new washer (as of yesterday). I too hate that appliances don't last forever.

Liene said...

That sure turned into an expensive Goodwill trip :( But, i'm sure your new washer will have a long and happy (hopefully less colorful) life!

Renae said...

O i hate when that happens; ruined clothes, ruined budget (having to get an appliance when you weren't planning on it), and jumping around on your agenda.

Seems as tho you probably did it all with a cute smile on your face.

see ya.

Thisisme. said...

It's so frustrating when household appliances go wrong, isn't it?! When you think about it, appliances used to last for years, and sometimes for a lifetime. Now, you are quite right, they are only built to last for 5 years. A repair man told us that a couple of years ago. It's just a sign of our 'throw-away' society I guess. Not good though.

Gina said...

Enjoy your new washer! Kind of crazy that they have such short life expectancies now. I bet my Mom had her first washer for 30 years!

Controlling My Chaos said...

That's so frustrating. We just replaced our washer too after only five years. I hate that they don't last. The real kicker is that our new washer is a front loader and therefore requires more TLC. I've ruined quite a few articles of clothing because of grease spots due to too much soap and/or overloading the machine. Grrrrr.

my thrifty closet said...

Hurray for new washing machine and wow...your machine lasted for 15 years! Yes i have color runs now and poor husband undies were dyed pink once. Haha...cute huh?