Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm alarmed.


As I entered Walmart, I heard a pleasant chime sound. 
The greeter faced me and welcomed me to Walmart.

 I needed to pick up a few things.

(I actually took a picture of these things ~ well, not the pepsi, as I drank it. But I've
been trying to post this since Thursday. Blogger refused to save anything I wrote. Now I can't get my pictures downloaded. That's not blogger's fault, by the way.)

As I left, I heard that pleasant chime sound again. 
I assumed it was a way to let the greeter know that people had entered the store.
Think of a doorbell sound.

No sooner had I reached my car than I remembered the real reason I went shopping.

This is what I really needed.
When I changed mine ~ from January ~ I didn't have any more.
You might be thinking that 6 months isn't too bad for the filter.
But it was January, 2010.
As I entered the store for the second time, I heard that lovely chime again.
This time the greeter asked me what I had in my purse that was setting off the lovely chime alarm. She said she had heard it each time I came/left.
I had no clue. 

Fortunately, I have an honest face.

Guess what?
Walmart didn't have the size I needed.

As I left, I heard that lovely chime pesky alarm again.

Here is my next stop.