Friday, October 28, 2011

Coffee Klatch Friday

 This week Vicki has given us this assignment:

Please list 10 things you have done.

Hmmm, while my first instinct is to do this humorously, maybe I should take it seriously and really open up to you.

Okay, in no particular order:

1. "Zipped" on a zip line. At a family reunion a few years ago, my brothers took off to do this, so of course, I had to follow along. I didn't even know what it was. My brave hubby - oldest one there - went first. Then, I was afraid to go. He walked back up the hill mountain with me, carrying my helmet and stuff for me. Then, after I took off, he walked back down.

2. Donated 8 gallons of blood. Don't worry. It wasn't all at the same time. I started when my children were small. They would sit near me while I was on the table. Then they started hanging out at the snack table until I was finished. Since I've moved, I've never gotten into a giving routine. I know I should. I'm O negative, by the way.

3. Played the piano for Mass once a week for two years from September - June even though I'm a Methodist. My son attended Catholic school for 2 years. I played the piano on Thursday while the students practiced for Mass and again on Friday for the actual Mass. My daughter sat on the piano bench beside me.

4. Spoke before the Education Committee of our state senate about the need for education funding. I was so nervous that I could feel my skirt shaking, but I was proud that my teenaged children were there to hear me.

5. Was one of the charter members of Phi Mu while at Virginia Tech.

6. Had my hair cut for years by a former student of mine. I made the first appointment without knowing who she was. Once I found out, I asked her if she liked me as a teacher before I let her cut my hair. (She told me I was her favorite teacher.) What I think is really cool about this is my Mom still has her hair done by a former student, too. Mom is 83 and the hairdresser is late 40's, I'm guessing.

7. Learned to drive a stick shift on interstate 95 while driving to my first teaching job.

8. Sang a duet with another teacher for the school talent show as well as at a retirement party. My daughter later asked me why I was so stiff and didn't move. I told her I was terrified.

9. After teaching third grade for 14 years, I earned a middle school math and algebra 1 endorsement. I then taught 8th grade math for six years before moving to Roanoke where I then taught 6th and 7th.

10. Cleaned cockroach jars in the entomology lab at Tech to earn $2/hour while a student.

My favorite fall recipe:
The only thing I make in the fall that I don't do any other time of the year is add candy corn and peanuts to a bowl, then eat myself sick.


Vicki said...

Good Morning!
Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee!
You've done and learned some great things.
I have zip-lined too, when I was 50. I was the oldest one there and some of the 20 somethings were trying to back out.
The cockroach jars ... not sure I could do that or that 2 dollars would be enough ... lol
Have a great week!

The White Farmhouse said...

You can always count me in for coffee! I need all the caffeine help I can get! You are my hero doing the zip line! I have jumped out of planes and repelled out of helicopters when I was in the army. The zip line though, scares the bejeezus out of me just looking at it! You go girl! I still chuckled at some of your other secrets!

Diana Joy said...

It is fun to read such interesting facts about you. thanks for sharing...I'm a boring blob! I do like you idea of cooking though.

gail said...

That is a lot of neat things! I can't imagine what my list would be, but probably not as interesting as yours!

Rosy said...

What is it like to ride the Zip Line? I never heard of it before til I stumble across it over at Youtube watching the videos, looks like a lot of fun.

Number 10 just made my skin crawl! Bet that wasn't a pleasant job back then.

I guess I am the only one on this planet that keeps forgetting to ask my doctor what blood type I am. ha ha

Enjoy your post very much, I too also is part of the Coffee Klatch Friday, and that is how I found your wonderful blog.

poppilinnstudios said...

What fun! I just asked a group of friends if they wanted to do the new zip line in the area. Maybe we'll go before Winter, although it's suppose to snow tomorrow!

ChrisJ said...

I haven't done any of the things you have done except the teaching part. I don't think I would do number 10 even if given the chance!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a fun post to read! I love learning new things about blogging friends! hugs, Linda

Becky said...

What fun this was. One note.....don't get too excited to donate blood again. I used to give all the time, and once I started cruising I couldn't give anymore. It seemed we always docked at a port that was not approved. I was rejected even though I hadn't gotten of the ship in Haiti. They still wouldn't take me for a year....then we go again and mess me up for another year!

Kerin said...

You have done some very interesting things so far. I'd like to read your list next year :)
Have a beautiful weekend!

Peggy said...

Doing the zip line is on my bucket list! Need to do it soon though the mind is willing but don't know about the body. lol Thanks Grammy for coming by my blog and leaving kind words. Have a great weekend.

Megan said...

I can't imagine learning how to drive stick on 95 - that sounds petrifying!

Anonymous said...

Candy corn is a weakness for me. I only allow myself one small bag a year. I fear diabetes too much to allow myself anymore. Too good. Same with chocolate covered cherries at CHRISTmas time. :)

BluBabesCreate said...

You're encouragement means THE WORLD to me! Thanks so much!

Ginger Zuck said...

Coffee, where is my coffee?? You are too funny, but I DO NOT BUY CANDY CORN FOR THE SAME REASON! SICKNESS!! LOL

Paula said...

This is a fun list! I've never zip-lined but would if I had the opportunity. I did one of my student teaching placements in 8th grade at Breckenridge in Roanoke.

Lesley said...

I read, "Coffe Klatch" on my dashboard and the first thing that comes to mind is Joan Rivers and Coffee tawlk. lol

The thing that I find the most interesting about all your disclosures is that YOU define them by who was there sitting with you...your family. :)

Mara said...

$2 an hour for cleaning out cockroach jars? The idea on its own makes my skin crawl, let alone the pitiful amount of money!

I've still got to go zipping along a zipline, but there aren't that many zipping opportunities over here in the Netherlands. At least not as far as I know...

Schotzy said...

I enjoyed our coffee cool that we are neighbors.... I am a retired 3rd grade teacher from Botetourt COunty.. been out for 8 years... and my dear husband just retired last month just in time to nurse me through my hysterectomy. it is so great to finally be recovering and back into the groove of life... I too look forward to following you.. perhaps someday our paths will cross! That would be very fun!