Saturday, October 8, 2011

Too Cold to Tailgate

When Tech played Clemson last Saturday, it was cold and rainy. Instead of trying to tailgate outside, we decided we would eat in the Bowman Room. This is a room in Cassell Coliseum. Notice the VT on the covered cornices. If you look closely, you can see the stadium through that window.

The food was wonderful. There was barbecue, chicken, and Italian sausage. There was also baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, and fresh veggies.

Oh, I forgot. There was also chili and cornbread. I know the room looks empty, but that's because we were second in line. Don't Mom and Dad look good? Guess where I found their shirts? If you guessed Goodwill, you were right. If you didn't, go back and look at the name of this blog. I love Goodwill.

Look at that table of desserts. I'll take one of each. Now notice this lady's attire. I love seeing all the different Hokie things people have. Her tote is likely handmade as that fabric has been very popular around here.

I actually didn't get any dessert, but I did take a small bite of my brother's chocolate cake.

It's a good thing the food was so good, because Tech lost the game. Let's hope they play better today and get a win against Miami. Go HOKIES!


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

That is so neat! The desserts look delicious. Glad you guys had fun. We are hanging out watching college games on t.v. this weekend.

mtashie said...

as I sit here and crave sweets I say to you...SHAME! ;)

Paula said...

The food looks delicious! Glad the Miami game was a success.

Thisisme. said...

The food certainly does look delicious, especially those scrummy desserts!! Lovely how you spend time with your mum and dad like that.

Wendy@~Chez~La~De~da~ said...

My whole intention was coming over to ask how the team was doing....then I saw the spread!!!! Heck with tailgating woman!!! This is the way to go!! Sheesh...those desserts look soooo yummy, send some apple pie!!!
We don't hear much about VT over here, UT lost last night along with my beloved Gators, can you hear my crying waaaaaah! I hope your team did better!!!


Babs said...

Sory that Tech lost to Clemson, but it looks like the tailgating was a big success. Yummy food, one of the best parts of tailgating.
How wonderful that your parents could be there.

Mongs said...

oh mine the food is making me hungry, your mommy and daddy look so sweet together, lovely shirts. Pls say Hi! to them for me!