Monday, October 3, 2011

I was too late.

"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late."
             ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Sunday School class gets email messages with the names of shut-ins who would enjoy getting a card. I got one of those reminders last week several weeks ago. I had a generic card on the ottoman in front of me for weeks before I found time to do something about it. During that time, I read a book, read daily newspapers, blogged, went on Facebook, and watched numerous tv shows.

Finally, Friday night I wrote a short message in the card and addressed it. Saturday morning I mailed it before I left for the football game. (I sort of felt good about myself for doing something nice for someone.)

Sunday in church I found out that the lady I mailed the card to Saturday had died Thursday. I didn't feel so good about myself after that.

If you've been putting off doing something for someone or saying something kind to someone, please don't wait like I did.

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Ivy and Elephants said...

I've experienced the sadness of too late as well. Thanks for the reminder as we all get so caught up with life, that we forget to live. People, the human connection, is really what matters.

Becky said...

That has happened to me too. I feel the urge to make contact with someone and don't heed it, only to have them pass away. I try to be more obedient, and make myself realize that if I blow it off and something happens I only have myself to blame for the terrible feelings I have. Bleh......sometimes I make myself sick!

Victoria said...

Awwww, I'm sorry to hear that but you still had in your heart to do something nice for her and I'm sure she's looking down being thankful:)

Thank you so much for following my blog! I look forward to your future posts and getting to know you better:)

Natalia Lynn said...

The very same thing happened to me. It was a good friend of my grandmas. I am sorry for your loss.

Ethnic Girl Fun said...

This is so sad!!!!!!!!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So sorry this happened but thanks for sharing and it's a great reminder not to put things off like this!
hugs, Linda

Melissa said...

I've done the same thing. Several years ago, we had a neighbor who had diabetes; she always wanted me to stop by to visit, but since my kids were little then, I didn't take the time to visit very often. I'd drive by her house on my way home from the grocery store and think "I'll walk down to see her later today" but didn't get around to it. Then she had a stroke and died. I was too late, too. You are not alone in your regret...and thank you for reminding us to love our neighbors TODAY while we can. (((hugs)))

Thisisme. said...

Like the others, I am very sorry that this happened. I'm afraid that I am very guilty of putting things off, such as making contact with people. This is a very good reminder to all of us! Thank you.

Wendy@~Chez~La~De~da~ said...

This is so sad, but I have done this also and have kicked myself. We get sooo caught up in life we forget the little things.
I will try to catch up on all my "little things" in remembrance.
Thank you for the reminder.

Jennifer @ Just Peachy in Dixie said...

Thank you for reminding me to embrace today! Thanks for sharing on Thrifty Peach Blog Hop. ;)

Have a wonderful week!