Thursday, August 25, 2011

CVS Freebies

Do you have one of these? 

I don't use mine very often,
but CVS had a good deal on Pepsi.
I scanned my card as I entered the store.

Much to my surprise, 
two coupons for free merchandise
slipped out.

This is what I got for just walking in the store.

These might come in handy at the beach next week.

Do I even have to say?

Sometimes,  free really is free.

(I wrote this with plans to post blogs while I was at the beach. However, our internet service was spotty at best, and that didn't happen. Now I'm home and trying to catch up.
How do you catch up on blog reading after being away for a few days? My reader has me at blogs from three days ago, so back to reading.)


Ginger Zuck said...

I love CVS, but we don't have one here in Small Town USA! We do have a new Walgreens that opened just a couple of years ago. They are pretty similar. I love "FREE"!

Debby said...

We get our prescriptions at CVS. Love their money back coupons......they just expire too quickly.

Are you back from the beach......I hope with the hurricane coming.

Happy Homemaker UK said...


Granny said...

I love CVS. I just had a coupon in my email inbox this morning for 20% off my entire purchase. I always scan my card when I enter the store. I never know what kind of discount or freebie I'll get.

Paula said...

I am thrilled to get a bargain and I love it when I actually remember to use a CVS coupon.