Saturday, August 27, 2011

When is it too late?

The proper etiquette is to send notes within two weeks for gifts received before the wedding and within one month for gifts received after the wedding. But a late thank-you note is still better than no note at all.

No, I haven't gotten married.
(I already am.)
But, I do have a big apology to make,
and I am so embarrassed.

I have been very fortunate since I started
reading blogs to have won quite a 
few wonderful giveaways.

I'm pretty sure that I emailed
the blog hosts to thank them
when my prizes arrived.
I'm covered on that part.

 What I haven't ever done
is write a blog about my prize.

In my defense, at first I wasn't blogging.

Since I started blogging in June,
I no longer have that excuse. 
So that's my question ~
when is it too late to blog about 
winning a giveaway?

I'm hoping your answer is ~
it's never too late.

Before I posted this ~ because it's been written for a few weeks ~ I read this blog. I may copy her approach.

1 comment:

Jayna Rae said...

It is never too late. A belated thank you and shout out is always welcome, I think.