Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heat Wave in my Car

 I hope none of you reading this are police officers.
I know this was not a safe thing to do.
I promise I will not do it again.

When I was driving home the other day,
I noticed that the car thermometer had passed 100.

I had the camera in my purse, so I decided to record 
this extreme temperature.

I put the camera up.
Then look what happened.

The temperature was rising.

Now let me reassure you that there are
a lot of stop lights on this road.

Notice that I'm getting better at finding the right angle.

At this point, I pulled in my driveway, 
put away my camera, and parked the car.

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Ann from On Sutton Place said...

My thermostat said 101 the other day too...couldn't believe it. I saw on the news this morning that a girl in Texas suffered severe burns on the bottoms of her feet from walking in flip-flops. The pavement was so hot it went through the rubber and got her feet. I've had enough!