Monday, August 29, 2011

I danced with the stars.

I bought some dance videos at Goodwill.
I thought the exercise would help me.
Plus, I really don't know how to dance.
I thought they might help me dance better as well.

Today I pulled out my first video:
Paul Abdul - Get Up and Dance

I forgot that I couldn't dance so I couldn't keep 
up with this one from the beginning.
I gave up and pulled out the next video.

You have to be a certain age to remember 
Richard Simmons.
I'm that age.
I remember exercising with him watching him
when my children were babies.
Yes. I. did.

This one was aptly named
Sweatin' with the Oldies.
And I did - sweat, I mean.

I found out why these things are so hard for me.
I cannot do two things at the same time.
That means if I move my legs,
then I can't move my arms.
Not at the same time anyway.

I made it halfway through that one.

I guess I don't have to worry about finding a copy of Zumba.


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

It is great fun to exercise this way which is why I love my Wii. :)

Thisisme. said...

Funny post! I'm a bit like you - dancing isn't really my strong point!! Like LindyLouMac, I had a Wii Fit for Christmas and it is very good for keeping fit. There are so many different programmes.

Angie said...

You crack me up! You can't move two things at one time?! I laughed out loud. It might run in the family. My Dad swears his slow dance, The Triangle, is a classic; we had to practice the morning of my wedding to be sure I had it right.