Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank you, Mushki Loves.


If you read my post Saturday, then you know I've been very lucky. I've won several giveaways. I haven't blogged about them before.
This package arrived from the mailman. I couldn't wait to open it. As you can see, I took this picture after I ripped that top strip.

I love all the messages in this. The white frame goes well with my collection of three white vases and white lantern that blogland told me I needed this summer. 

Isn't this notebook just the cutest thing you've seen? I love the big flower on the front of it.
Imagine my surprise when I opened it and also found this pen. It matches the notebook! Isn't that paper covering the inside of the notebook so pretty?

All of this goodness came from Muski Loves and this giveaway: http://mushkiloves.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-08-02T09%3A54%3A00-06%3A00&max-results=7

Thank you again, Kirsten.


Thisisme. said...

Wow! What lovely things to receive in the mail. I love the little quotations, and they are all so true, and the little notebook is gorgeous! Lucky old you. Enjoy!

Ginger Zuck said...

You're quiet the lucky girl! Congrats! AGAIN! LOL Enjoy your loot.

Kirsten @ Mushki Loves said...

What!!!I didn't see this! Oh...You are seriously the BEST! You are so welcome, and so sweet to write an entire post to thank me! You just made mey night!