Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Banking No Nos


With drive-through banking, debit cards, and ATM machines, 
I wonder if any of you have entered a bank lobby lately.

Today I had several deposits to make to my account and my mother's account,
so I decided to go inside so I could talk to a teller. 

It's funny, but I actually thought about everything I had stuffed in my purse ~
money, loose checks, 2 checkbooks, keys, cell phone, wallet~
and consciously decided to leave my sunglasses in the car.

As I walked up to the door, a sign caught my attention.
It had the universal sign for not allowed ~
 you know, a picture with a line drawn diagonally through it.

What surprised me were the four items they did not allow.

Allowed_sign : Symbol No gun on white background

Well, this one certainly makes sense.

Next was a sign for no sunglasses.

Allowed_sign : Yellow triangular other warning sign on white background 
Then this sign for no hats.

And, as a sign of the times, and with no editorializing from me ~

a sign for no hoodies. 


While looking for the clip art pictures for this post, these are some of the 
other funny/strange examples I found.

Who is against a glass of cold white milk?

Allowed_sign : A large sign indicating no aliens allowed, featuring a little green man.  White background.
This is my favorite ~ no aliens allowed.  

Allowed_sign : Red triangular other warning sign on white background

I've certainly felt like this some days when I was getting dressed.

What is the funniest "not allowed" sign you've ever seen?



Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...


You gottqa be kidding.

No sunglasses, hats or hoodies?


Now I know WHY they say that, buy oh my gosh I don't think half the world could come in.

Thank the good lord for drive throughs and ATMs then, huh?

I was a bank branch manager for 8 GLAD I am out of it now. That's crazy sauce.

Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

I suppose if you're lactose intolerant, the milk one would apply. I don't tolerate lactose... and I won't stand for it in my presence. :)

Paula said...

I rarely go into a bank but I did fairly recently and didn't see any of those types of signs.

My mom is funny and she never ever uses the ATM. She uses the drive through with the teller or she goes in. I'm the opposite and I adore the ATM.

Anonymous said...

I've seen similar signs in the bank ... like I picture some guy in a hoodie, shades, handgun in his pocket, come to rob the bank ... but no, he pauses at the door, carefully reads the signs. Shaking his head in disgust, he spins around and returns to the get-away car and leaves. Thinking carefully, he moves on to Plan B. hahaha!!!!! Thanks for making this a fun trip to the bank!!!

Anonymous said...

One more thing. While inside the bank recently, talking to one of the desk workers about my uncle's estate, I told him I could never work in a bank because I'd be terrified the whole time - ohmygosh is that guy with the weird hair going to rob us? Is that lady with the huge purse? I asked if he ever felt that way, and at first he tried to act like nah, but finally he admitted that certain people, dressed certain ways, with certain looks ... yep it scares them. Then he told me this - the people who have BoatLoads of $$$ in the bank are the ones who dress shabbily, no snobbishness at all. I kinda liked that. Wish those shabby nice people would toss a few bucks my way :)

Gina said...

How funny! I haven't been in an actual bank in a long time, so I had no idea.
The only different sign I've see lately was by the teachers at school. They were using the sign on their doors with peanuts in the cirlce, to warn of students with peanut allergies.

Curtains in My Tree said...

how interesting
next they won't even have lobbies for fear of us in sunglasses and my straw hat I wear when I walk downtown to the bank lobby
from where I work LOl

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Huh. I'll look and see if our bank has any of these signs. No hats? In C.O., most of the guys wear baseball caps all the time. I guess that a hoodie along with sunglasses does make a good disguise though.

Hope your weekend is a great one, Grammy!

Kathy M.