Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dirty Dancing at Mountain Lake

How many of you have seen the movie Dirty Dancing? I confess that it is one of my very favorite movies. It was filmed at Mountain Lake, which isn't very far from where I live. Once a year, we take my parents for the Sunday brunch.

I wanted to take pictures to share with you, but I also was trying to help my Mom and Dad. So ~ not too many pictures.

The brunch starts with cheeses and fresh fruit. Then there is a big salad of fresh greens and a seafood salad of some kind. Side dishes included mozzarella and tomato slices, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and asparagus. Meats included pork tenderloin, some type of fish (I don't eat fish so that's all I can tell you about it.), roast beef, and ham that was so delicious. There was also an omelet station but I was too busy eating the other food. (There were more selections, but I can't remember them.)

This was my second helping. hahaha Can you tell how good that ham tasted from the picture?

I chose these miniature cheesecakes to tempt my Mom. Before I could say anything to her, she took the one with the chocolate chips on top ~ that I really had my eye on ~ and popped it in her mouth!

This is a chocolate mousse that tastes as good as it looks.

Funny thing about the smoothies. My hubby got one first. Then we all decided to try them.

If you look closely, my parents are trying to share a smoothie. They're laughing because the straw is about to go up Mom's nose. They are so cute. After I took this picture, she kept leaning towards him so he would kiss her.

These next pictures are in a glass showcase in the lobby. I'm sure you'll remember them from the movie.

I tried to get a few pictures as we were leaving. Notice the lake. Two summers ago, it was completely dry. We thought it would be much higher this summer after all the recent rain, but it still is very low.

This is one of the cabins. Sometime I'd like to stay there.

Did you see the giant chess board and pieces in the above picture? There is also a giant set of checkers.

We plan to go again in October when the leaves are changing.

Are you a fan of the movie Dirty Dancing? (I started to leave out the word movie, but after teaching middle school for 10 years - I can tell you there is an entirely new way of dancing that we called dirty dancing. Ewwww.


Paris Pastry said...

What a lovely place to go! Brunch looks delicious, especially the miniature cheesecakes.

Thisisme. said...

I agree, that brunch looks really scrummy!! I loved that movie, Dirty Dancing. The sound track was so fabulous. How lovely to be able to go to that place. I loved that photo of your mum and dad. They still seem to be so much in love. You can't ask for more than that! A very happy day by the look of it.

Ginger Zuck said...

How fun was that? Going down memory lane. I love Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swazey! You're parents are too cute, love that picture of them sharing the smoothie!!! That's a keeper! Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed it soooooo much!

Laura Lofgreen said...

How cute. Looks like so much fun . . . and the food!

Debby said...

The picture of your parents is so sweet. I thought that straw was in her nose, hah.
Yummy, Yummy.........really that is all you had on your plate......I hope the first plate had more food on it.
Beautiful place.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Now I'm very I lvoe the movie Dirty Dancing!! How fun to be able to visit there.

Rene' said...

That food is making me so hungry...I love how they made cheesecakes in muffin cups...I'll have to try that sometime! We almost stayed at a large cottage last year for our family reunion and it was suppose to be right next to or overlooking where they filmed the movie. We ended up staying someplace else. Wow...I didn't realize the lake was so dried up!!! That is really sad.....

Rachel @ Pleased as Punch said...

I love Dirty Dancing!!! How cool that you went to the resort where it was filmed. :) I *so* wanted to be Jennifer Grey. I had a pair of white jeans just like hers in the movie...I thought I was "the stuff" in those. :)

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

First off, the food looks so delicious and is making me so hungry. Secondly, I love that Dirty Dancing was filmed there. When we went to Lake Lure in NC, they told us that the scenes taken of them practicing the lifts in the water were taken at Lake Lure. Now I know... the rest of the story.

Cory said...

I still really really wanna go there sometime!! And that food looked amazing and so did the smoothies! Love the pic of Grandma adn Grandpa!

Paula said...

Dirty Dancing is one of my very favorite movies. We used to drive to Mountain Lake when I was at VT to hike. Boy have the water levels changed since then! My grandparents lived in Pearisburg and we used to go to ML with them, too, but I've never eaten there. It sure looks good!