Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hokie Highlights - Game 2

Hubby and friend hanging out at the tailgate ~
not too interested in having their picture taken.

My brother and sister-in-law ~
they missed the first game.

Joanne ~ 
She fixes the best baked beans and pasta salad. 
You can see them in this next picture.

 This group isn't big on displaying the food. I also downsized stuff we take, so we didn't have enough serving pieces. The bag of pretzels went with a pretzel dip that Joanne and Don brought back from their recent trip to Cape May. (It was delicious.)

 I tried to get a picture of the other table, unsuccessfully. However, you can get a glimpse of my super holder thingy. Do you see it? First I painted it orange, but then Joanne bought orange plates. So I painted it maroon. I just hadn't gotten them out yet when I took this picture. On the left is a place for napkins. On the right are plastic Hokie cups for our utensils.

By the way, I found that piece at Goodwill.

 It wouldn't be a tailgate without Mom and Dad.
Did you notice Mom's cane?
I painted it maroon and added stripes with orange electrical tape.

This is the Marching Virginians as they came through our parking lot.

It was Corps Recognition Day.
I got a quick picture of one of the battalions marching to the stadium.

The Corps of Cadets marched onto the field before the game began. 
It was also White Out Day, 
which is why you see so much white in the stadium.
I was too cold to wear my white shirt.
Sometime I should do a post on what I wear to the games.

The cannon is fired every time Tech scores. 
 You're worried that it might be aimed at the opposing team?
 The cannon is moved off-field after it's fired to start the game.

This is a picture of the Highty Tighties, the regimental band.
Last week, I overheard a young boy ask if they were the whitey tighties. 
I had to laugh out loud.

Va Tech 26
Arkansas State 7


Thisisme. said...

Hi Grammy. Great photos today for us to look at. I'm glad the cannon weren't aimed at the opposing team! Hee Hee! You didn't say, did your team win the game? Hope so.

Debby said...

Those cannons have to be better than the hurricane warnings when the Miami team scores, esp. againt our
Buckeyes, hah.
Glad you had a win.

Cory said...

Great pics from the game! Love the one of Grandma and Grandpa!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Looks like a typical American Saturday - I love that! Food, friends/family, fun :)

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Oh how I'd love to have been at YOUR tailgating party! Can you believe I've never had one or been to one?? Sure looks like it was a spectacular day for everyone!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

both my sons went to Va. Tech. I think the coldest I have ever been was at a VaTech/Syracuse football game. My feet were frozen solid and Bobby G. hailed a cab to get us across campus since I could not walk any more. Will never ever forget that. Yummo....your tail gating food looks so good!