Friday, September 30, 2011

My Halloween Stash

I love holiday napkins, and I love being thrifty. Combine those two things and you end up with the stack of Halloween napkins pictured above.
Would you like to see exactly what I have in my stash?


I love this witch. Doesn't she seem to enjoy dancing by the light of the full moon? She's even enticed the serious owl to kick up his heels talons.

I'm sure I bought these for the happy jack-o-lantern.

Can you tell I love pumpkins?

There are a lot of happy faces on this set of napkins. I may have named each of the characters in my mind when I picked these up. Which one is your favorite?

Here's a friendly ghost who wants to get his message across.

I think these are so pretty for fall, not just for Halloween. These were free at my local Salvation Army thrift store.

I bought the others for $0.35-$0.55 since last Halloween. Why did I buy so many? Well, read the first sentence. They were on clearance. Even at Dollar Tree, those napkins would cost a dollar a package.

Obviously, I didn't realize I had so many when I bought each package. There's 20 napkins in each, and I have 6. Let's practice our math skills by multiplying 20 times 6 - which gives me 120 napkins.

There are only 31 days in October. Hubby and I would have to eat 4 meals a day to use all of those. There is no way that will happen. What was I thinking?

This is a problem I have when thrifting. I buy things because they're a good buy, forgetting that I might not need them.

I guess I could take a package or two to my folks so they can have a festive table, too. Do you think they will like the dancing witch and friendly jack-o-lantern?

I think I've seen others mod podge napkins on things, but I can't think of anything. I don't want to buy something for that idea because that would defeat my purpose of being thrifty.

By the way, I can't share them with my daughter. They don't use napkins at their house, only paper towels. Personally, I think Cate, my granddaughter, would like the napkins with the ghost on them. And, she could practice her letter recognition!

Do you use napkins or paper towels at your house? Anyone use cloth napkins? 

Do you "fall" for items on clearance?


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your Halloween napkins are so cute. I love picking these up on clearance also. I use mostly cloth napkins but like to have paper for really messy dishes. I would think kids would love them a lot.

Ashley said...

halloween stash would be fun!!! thanks for sharing:)

Thisisme. said...

That was a fun post today - super fun napkins that you have there. Have a super weekend and, remember, up the Hokeys!!!

Mary @ Redo 101 said...

I like your halloween napkins ... and I think you could solve the 120 problem by doing this: make a big mess each time you eat and require at least two napkins per meal. Of course, I do see you giving at least one pack of the napkins to your sweet little granddaughter - she can use her napkin while the rest of her family uses their paper towels.

Cloth? We tried that once, we were going to save money. I grew tired quickly of the extra work involved in keeping continuous cloth napkins clean. Paper napkins for us, though we do not have any cuties like the ones you've been thrifting all year. Enjoy!

Kirsten @ Mushki Loves said...

I am a napkin holiday lover too! I love the witch! Too cute!

laxsupermom said...

I have that same problem. I'm an absolute sucker for the clearance rack. I can't even begin to explain how many Christmas napkins I have. The crazy thing is that we always use cloth napkins for family meals, so I'd need to host at least a weeks worth of Open House type cocktail parties to use them all. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one.

Shell Sherree said...

I use cloth napkins but they are nowhere near as much fun as these! And bargains to boot. {Thank you for saying Hi over at my place, Grammy Goodwill. Lovely to meet you.}

mtashie said...

Thing is...from one thrifter to another...and this is a justification! Heh. The napkins will last from year to year. Who knows? You might throw a big Halloween party and need them all! We should really hang out sometime...I do the same thing! Love the napkins!

Wendy@~Chez~La~De~da~ said...

First, I am glad I could see all these pics!!!!

We use paper napkins. I always say I am going to change over but, then I don't want to "ruin" the good stuff lol. Who am I saving the "good" for any way?

These are wonderful and a great bargain~~So if it just brings a little cheer every time you use one I say YAY! I think I will start this at my house.....well then were will I store THEM!!???


Jackie said...

I love your Halloween stash. I too love to buy things on clearance. I bet your granddaughter would love to have a set of Halloween napkins to use.

Anonymous said...

I'm a plain white napkin girl, but my Mom and Hubby buy holiday themed napkins whenever we have a gathering. I always end up with more than I need, so I use them throughout the year. X-mas on a June day is okay with me.

I'd want the witch. Too cute!

Coley said...

LOL! I loved your line about how many meals a day you'd have to eat just to use them all!

We use paper napkins at our house. Growing up we used cloth napkins though.

I usually try and get Halloween napkins on clearance each year. My son's birthday is right before Halloween and we always need extras for school party and what not.

Liene said...

Just throw a Halloween party, and put out napkins instead of plates for the appetizers and dessert. And they don't go bad, so save the rest for next year's party...