Friday, September 2, 2011

Smart Ones

I'm not much of a sandwich eater, so I eat a lot of salads for lunch. On a whim, I picked these up at Kroger.

I love Mexican food, so I figured I would love these, too.

This is how it looks when you take it out of the package. I like that extra stuff is oozing out - well, it would ooze if it weren't frozen solid!

Did you notice that cardboard underneath in the previous picture? You need to fold up the sides to make this "cooking" box.

Microwave, but you might want to clean yours before you take any photographs. (This was taken just before I bought that microwave spatter cover I blogged about previously.)

Add some salsa and you're ready to eat. No, wait.

Add a lovely paper napkin, and now you're good to go. No, wait again.

Add a glass of iced tea and finally you're ready to eat. Yum.

(I was not given anything for this post. I just really liked them.)


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Looks yummy! Although Mexican food does not like me as much as I might like it :).

Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello!


Maggie said...

Looks like a tasty lunch, and so quick too.
Thanks for your kind comments, my arm is feeling a lot better today.