Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bag of Magic

I have 4 great-nephews and 3 great-nieces.
(And 2 more on the way, one of each!)
In the past, I've sent them a book for their birthdays.
This year I wanted to do something different.

Zachary recently turned 6.
His grandfather is my brother.
My brother loves magic.

I thought that might make a good gift for Zachary.
I went to Dollar Tree and found everything I needed.

These are sets of magic tricks. I checked each box to make sure they weren't duplicates.

I just liked these glasses, although I also thought he could wear them to further confuse his audience as he performed his magic tricks.

I thought every magician should have a magic wand.
I didn't want a "girly" one.
 I found this at JoAnns.

As I checked out, I saw this bag and knew it would be perfect to hold his goodies.

After his birthday, I received this thank you note.

Didn't he do an outstanding job with his printing?
Kudos to his mama and daddy for teaching him to
write thank you notes, too.

While I was at the beach, I discovered that
my great-niece loves magic, too.
Guess what she's getting for her 6th birthday on September 30?

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