Monday, September 19, 2011

This early bird got the worms, but.....

Have you seen these items at Dollar Tree? I saw them and thought knew they would be very popular in blog land. So I bought them and I still haven't used them. And it's been two months.

What's that you said? I should display it somewhere. Well, I don't have a mantel and my piano has other stuff on it.  

Use my china cabinet you suggested? Where should I put my dishes?

Do you pack up your keepsakes to have room to decorate for holidays?

Where do you keep your dishes when you arrange displays in your china cabinet or hutch?
Did I mention that I have two sets of china, plus vintage pieces that I've bought?

Make a banner? See above ~ still no mantel. I do have a large mirror that I've thought of using.

You see, I feel like a teenager trying to run with the in crowd. I was so smug when I bought this stuff in July. I was going to be ahead of the blog crowd, but you can imagine my disappointment now when I still haven't figured out how to work with these things.

I think I should be a picker for the rest of you. I'll find the stuff and you can create great things with it. Will that work for anybody?


Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh, come on now, think. Why that pumpkin can be the mat for a lovely fall centerpiece in the dining room or kitchen, right?
And you can alternate the dollies to make a great banner for outside.
Or decoupage them to pumpkins to give them an elegant twist on the outside steps, okay?
TMI??? I'll stop there. I can always think of work for other people. LOL

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I try to "use up" paper items during a holiday. What you have shown would be easy to store in the bottom of a drawer until you are ready to put them into action.

I do move some items for Christmas decorations. I have limited holiday decor to the dining table for other seasons, flags and a centerpiece for July 4th (and Bastille Day), beads and serpentine for Mardi Gras, etc.


Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

I don't have a mantle either, so I bought a pressed tin ledge from Hobby Lobby. It's the next best thing. :) Keep those, you will be hit with inspiration when you least expect it!